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Сергей СЫЧ: «Боль в спине победить можно!» Журнал «Горожанин»

Today, Ukraine offers the world a technique that enables to get rid of back pain. Responding to questions from our correspondent, neurosurgeon, Sergey Sych who told us about the causes of this illness and features of the unique technique.

  • Sergey E., why do we hear so often – I have a back, neck or head pain, I can not sit for a long time, my hands become numb & so on…

To understand the cause of pain, we must first talk about the structure of the spine. Human spine consists of vertebrae connected to each other by joints and soft elastic pads- discs. They make the spine movable, bending in all directions due to the reduction of muscles and surrounding the spine ligaments, holding it in a proper position. Inside the spine runs the spinal cord, which runs the nerve roots to all organs.

With the weakening of one of the elements of the spine (muscules, ligaments, discs, joint capsules) there appears a displacement of vertebrae, stretching of capsule joints, discs, ligaments, nerves and vessels are infringed, and sometimes even  the spinal cord . Then there appears the pain, numbness and weakness in parts of the body, which are inervaited by these nerves, & sure it causes the malfunctioning of internal organs – heart aches, headaches, tickle in the throat, breathing hard, the mist in front of the eyes. These may be symptoms of diseases of the spine.

  • What kind of diseases of the spine frequently lead to pain in the spine?

The most common causes are degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine – osteochondrosis, spondylarthrosis, deforming spondylosis, osteoporosis (lack of calcium and phosphorus in bones) herniation of intervertebral discs, spinal tuberculosis, blood diseases, cancers. Degenerative-distrophic diseases of the spine develop because of sedentary lifestyle and as a consequence, of weakness of muscle and ligaments of the spine.

The cause of this disease may be the occasional large changes in load, as well as sports overloading, incorrect posture from childhood (scoliosis, stooping), the presence of various differences in physical activity, frequent colds, metabolic disorders, obesity, diseases of the digestive tract and liver, alcohol abuse, smoking, addiction to fried and smoked food, salt, spices and products containing a large amount of purine bases, micro trauma (jumps, falls), and especially staten dynamic overloading with vibration and influence of unfavorable meteorological factors. All this leads to malnutrition disk – it loses water, elasticity, compacts, flattens, foliates and deforms.

The X-ray examination detects changes in the shape of the vertebral bodies heights of intervertebral discs height, the presence of osseous growths on the vertebra – “claws” or “thorns”. This is the reason for the widespread view of osteochondrosis, as the deposition of salts in the spine. At the computer or magnetic resonance tomography the are visible protrusions (bulging) of intervertebral discs sometimes requiring surgery.

  • Sergey, what methods of treatment of diseases, modern medicine can offer us?

For sure it is necessary to use drug therapy for the relief of acute pain. This is a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Dikloberl, Ksefokam) and antispasmodics, and also there assigned techniques of manual correction, massage, physiotherapy, water-mud treatement, Lyapko applicator (it is a plate with needles made of silver, copper, zinc, nickel and iron), acupressure, ointments (Hondraksil, fitobalm “Miracle”), phitobath and applications with phytor. All of these kinds of treatment should be strictly supervised by doctor. Separately I want to focus on the methods of manual therapy, which can be compared with the “ambulance.” Using the techniques of traction (stretching) impact on the spine, an experienced specialist will eliminate small dislocations of joints. If it is a doctor who knows how to “read” the X-ray data, CT-scan and MRI scan, he will not hurt, but the effect of his efforts will be short-lived, it is because of the weakness of musculotendinous apparatus the spine can not stay in correct position after person changes body position, sits, lifts a heavy object. This requires the development of muscle corset that holds the vertebrae. In addition, the manual therapeutist is unable to restore nutrition of structures of the spine. Even today, people who are not related to medicine deal with manual therapy, using percussion techniques. The results of such “doctors” that supposedly reduce discs have to be treated in the neurosurgical department. It may be vertebral fractures, sprains with the development of paralysis, bruises and bleeding in soft tissues and internal organs.

o So is there a way out? Which method of treatment to choose?
o The only method of treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine is dosed physical activity – physiotherapy, swimming. But the most effective for today is method of Evminov on Evminov dispensary. Its uniqueness is based on easy dosed stretching of the spine (its unloading), leading to the restoration of height of the disc with simultaneous work (load) of deep (short) muscles of the spine. This leads to the activation of metabolic processes, nutrition and strengthen the structures of the spine, especially the intervertebral discs, as well as the development of a strong muscular corset that protects the spine from the traumatic effects of everyday life.

o So what is Evminov dispensary?
o It’s the board made by bonding technology of skis, so it has elastic properties. And even though the dispensary weighs only 10 kg, it can withstand the weight of up to 190 kg. And for working with the cervical spine it is equipped with a Glisson loop. The construction of dispensary allows to install it in any apartment. The main thing – strictly follow the method that is individually selected by experts in accordance with the problem of the spine, disease stage, general condition and characteristics of the organism. Training by the method takes only 10-30 minutes a day.

  • Sergey E., there is an essential question: is it an expensive method, in particular, the Evminov dispensary?
    • The matter of fact is that the geniality of this method is in its simplicity and efficiency. Anyone who has ever faced the problem of a backache knows that the service of manual therapist costs by 150-200 UAH, and a course of massage – 50 to 80 UAH per session. The course of treatment consists usually of 10 treatments plus physiotherapy and medication. During the year you need to go 2-3 of course. If we consider that the diseases of the spine are usually chronic, the treatment will last not one or two years. The total cost of individual selection of treatment and prevention courses and consulting a doctor is 1200-1600 UAH, including delivery and setting in the city. It is easy to calculate that it is cheaper. We offer not just a set of services but also guarantee the result. Let me remind you that according to the WHO, in developed countries, spinal diseases are pandemic and are considered to be serious health and social-economic problem. In Ukraine, back pain affects more than 80% of the population, 90% of children have abnormalities of posture, and 20% – are diagnosed scoliosis. Back pain is the second most common cause of visiting a doctor after respiratory desease, and the third – for hospitalization, 10% of the population is constantly experiencing pain in the spine. It is estimated that the economic losses from the disease are billions UAH a year. Therefore, business leaders, hospitals, who take care of people’s health, should evaluate the benefits of dispensary, especially that it is not necessary to have a large gym.

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